Views on Religion

Oh wow… So much opinions here its insane.

So firstly, I am what you would describe as a humanist. this basically means that I believe in the will of the people, and that people’s aim in life is to better society. That’s pretty much it. I used to be an atheist but it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head for me personally.

I actually believe religions are problematic. There is no good in religion and have managed to cause the majority of the wars in history ever. People all think their religion is better and will kill people over that fact. Without religion we wouldn’t have terrorism, Trump, Hitler etc. So without religion we would live in a better world.

Say that though, people need hope. And religion provides people with hope. I suppose my main issue however, with religion is that people give the credit to a god. So they do something right and a god gets the credit, but when bad shit happens – he’s never to blame? I think religion has a lot of double standards and I personally have a problem with that.

Now i could literally talk forever about religion and why I personally could never be religious – mainly following how I have been through immense crap and have seen such horrid things that I just cannot accept that there is a loving god. Even if there is a god he is far from loving and gives 0 shits about anyone or anything.

A Recovering Survivor 


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Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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