Parental Emotional Abuse

Most of us hate our parents, or have at some point in our lives because that’s what your parents are meant to do. But in theory they love you unconditionally regardless. Now I’m not saying I’m the perfect child, but the amount of times that my dad especially has been “real” with me is absolutely ridiculous.

My parents have forced me into dieting when I was little even from as young as 6. This actually led to my development of an eating disorder. Both my mum and dad have had problems with their weight and would constantly call me fat. At the same time they would feed me animal fat, like the rind from pigs and cows that you would cut off. SO they would cut off this animal fat and force me to eat it.

When I was about 6 my dad threatened to sell me on the side of the road if I didn’t behave. As a teenager they started taking my money, and still do – in fact I’m missing $103 at the moment because all of my money is in their bank account and they won’t give it to me. They always remind me how horrible I am and how shit I am and that no one can love me. Nothing I do is good enough for them. Like I’ll come home with A’s and top marks and they will ask me why I don’t have an A+. I am always brought into their own shit and they make me feel like shit and my dad says he can do that because he’s being “real” with me. He thinks that blaming me and telling me I can do better is being real.

I am pretty smart, and I work hard and I have since learnt that this is a form of abuse. Thankfully I am moving out at the end of the year and it will finally be all good. My parents, my dad, emotionally abuses me and if you don’t know what that is, here are some facts to help you learn:

Emotional abuse is characterised by a person subjecting or exposing someone else to behaviour which leads to psychological trauma including anxiety, chronic depression or PTSD.  The aim in this sort of abuse is maintain power and/or control over another person. The forms include verbal attacks, restricting freedom or financial deprivation.

Emotional abuse includes insults, attacking intelligence and/or body image, repeated humiliation, controlling a person’s freedom, tracking a person by checking their phone, isolating a person, and/or depriving them of money, food or transport.


I have lived with that for most of my life which is why I was so susceptible to an abusive relationship as well as the development of a personality disorder.

A Recovering Survivor