Fears: Fat

My biggest biggest fear in life is getting fat. I’m not even sure what the definition is of being fat but I know I do not want it. I currently weigh 45kg.. which is like bordering for me but I hit 50 and had a fucking panic attack. Being fat is my biggest fear and pretty much one of the only things I’m genuinely afraid of.


Something else I’m pretty terrified of would be being raped again. That scares me so mcuh but it’s coupled with being abused again and the whole situation behind that.

I worry about other things which could be a fear…? The main one being that of failure. I am afraid I will fail life; I won’t recover, I won’t  live my dreams, and I’ll fail.


That’s really all my fears.

A Recovering Survivor


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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