Little Check In

So sorry I haven’t posted lately however I have been crazy busy. I don’t know with what, apart from the increased abnormality of my exercise routine – I have abs again though which is pretty good.

I stopped eating here and there which may be concerning but I feel better than every. I don’t want to talk about it though in this sickly state.

I want to be free but the shackles of disease hold me and I suppose that’s why I need that control. That desire. That urge.

Want some tips on how to live when your only source of energy is fear?

Although I can’t give them to you because wishing this upon anyone else would be absurd, I can tell you that 100 jumping jacks and 100 sit ups daily give you excellent abs.

I am beyond okay, yet I will still come to you with a smile, wholeheartedly as to not disturb the piece. So that my internet friends and followers is my little check in.


A Recovering Survivor 


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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