Eugenia Cooney

This is Euginia Cooney as of February 2017…

This WAS Eugenia in 2013…

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This YouTube personality has created a lot, and I mean a lot of havoc within the global community. When you YouTube search “eugenia cooney” other people’s videos are shown about how devastatingly thin she is. And there is absolutely NO doubt she is losing weight. In fact the 4 year difference is just crazy. Like I look like the 2013 version of Eugenia. Now i currently weigh 40kg and that is 88lbs*. Eugenia CLAIMS to be 84lbs (38kgs). Which is insane. When I was 30kg (66lbs) I looked healthier than Eugenia does now. My best bet is she is under 65lbs (28kgs) and lying. Which is something I did all the time. Do you really think that when I told people how much I weighed I said 30kg? Because that would have people FREAKING the fuck out. People still freak out when I say I’m 50kg which isn’t even my actual weight. When I weighed 30 I would tell people I was somewhere between 43-45 and here is why. I couldn’t say I was 50 people obviously I was a skeleton and anything under 40 would have me in the hospital. So i would add that range. Also when I went to the doctor I would drink coffee, and about 2 litres of water. I also kept my phone in my pocket and wore my shoes and a heavy jumper. This usually put on quite a bit of weight. I could sometimes add 10kg by just drinking liquids and putting things in my jacket. When I was weighed I would tell people I was 1 or 2kg heavier than that number.

*The kg to lbs conversion is only an estimate

Eugenia needs to go check herself into a clinic. She needs rehabilitation. She has been using her status to enable anorexia. And you can see that from people’s tweets expressing how destructive she is to them. As someone who is recovering from anorexia, people like her do not help. Anorexics need and want people noticing their body weight. It’s honestly a strange disorder because it feels so damn good when someone says you are skinny and that you’ve lost weight but at the same time, when people notice you don’t eat – you get so defensive and don’t want them to take it away.

Eating disorders are weird. But this girl, this YouTuber. Is somehow still losing weight. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE! She is so skinny that someone who is actually sick from the SAME disease, that finds scarily thin girls actually attractive and pretty, legitimately scared by her appearance and for her life. I think the bit that annoys me – well there’s two parts that annoy me. First, people are defending her. Don’t defend her. You can’t go an be famous and popular if you don’t get some social responsibility. People criticize and people chastise famous drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts and much more because they influence the public. Guess what?! This is not about someone’s appearance its about her safety and the safety of other people. Second, she won’t address it. She never talks about it and just parades her body around like a trophy or some shit. Although she is so weak at the moment she has to SIT in all her videos. She hasn’t done a fashion video in over a month. When you can no longer stand. You gotta eat. And this is coming from someone who didn’t eat for a month and in the last week of that month STOPPED DRINKING LIQUIDS AND COULDNT FUCKING GET UP FROM THE COUCH! I know what you’re going through Eugenia. Get Help. Please. This is from the eating disorder community. Not haters.

A Recovering Anorexic 


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it could be helpful for her.


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