Brutally Honest Hour

So kind of feeling distant atm especially with the surgery tomorrow i’ll probably post when i get home. Anyway I’m going to answer 25 questions and be 50000% honest!

  1. Are you in love?
    1. I believe that you can’t be in love. Being in love implies you can be out of love and i don’t beleive that’s true. I believe that i love Dean and I do with all my heart but i would never describe it as being in love with him.
  2. Who was the last person I talked to?
    1. Dean. We went to the library to study after school
  3. How long it has been since I’ve been kissed
    1. it was like at 5pm so… 5 hours?
  4. Girls or Boys?
    1. This is tricky. I mean I am bi AND i prefer girls because I’ve never had any bad sexual experiences with girls but i Love my boyfriend and him having a dick does not change that
  5. How many piercings?
    1. Just my ears but i want an industrial, my belly and my nose
  6. Summer or winter? Why?
    1. Winter cause like i’d rather be too cold than too hot
  7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to?
    1. Also dean. But he is the only person i say it to
  8. last person you hugged?
    1. Dean
  9. Last time you felt jealous?
    1. I am not a jealous person
  10. Are you insecure?
    1. crazy so
  11. Siblings?
    1. 2 brothers
  12. Do I forgive betrayal?
    1. sometimes yes
  13. Favourite animal?
    1. cat or wolf
  14. Where would I like to travel?
    1. everywhere!
  15. What music do you like?
    1. Hollywood Undead is my favourite band however i like pretty much anything
  16. Favourite flower?
    1. Orchids
  17. Is cheating ever okay?
    1. YES! I cheated on my abusive ex and fuck him because I DIDNT LIKE HIM
  18. 2 habits
    1. coffee
    2. nail biting
  19. 3 things I love unconditionally
    1. My beautiful cat
    2. My youngest brother
    3. and my friends
  20. Favourite time of year?
    1. May – perfect weather
  21. Big dreams?
    1. Change the world
  22. Something you regret?
    1. so much
  23. 3 Turn ons
    1. booty grabbing
    2. great humour
    3. skinny people
  24. 3 turn offs
    1. fat
    2. ownership
    3. abusive/rape
  25. Ask any other question you want in the comments and i will respond

A Recovering Survivor 


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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