Birthday Thrills

SO I just had my birthday (last Thursday) and I had an actually amazing time! I think that it was the best I’ve ever had. Now we go out for dinner every year and Dean came this time. He was the sweetest. My favourite gift was a necklace I got from him and I honestly adore it so much!


I also got seasons 1-10 of Supernatural, which was recently removed from Netflix.


And of course the dinner! My family got me a $100 make up voucher to Mecca which pays for my formal make up, a ring, copic markers (should try them out soon!), a coffee voucher to my favourite coffee shop and a new wallet. The dinner was pretty good too. I had a really fatty chicken thing though -.- They gave us a free dessert (that i didn’t eat) and at the end of the night I ran back to steal the balloons attached to our table.


This Friday night, I am going out with my friends and it will be so good (if they all go)


A Recovering survivor


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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