Surgery Awaiting

Sorry I have been away for a little bit. I have had an absolutely exhausting week and have to have surgery on the 10th March :O

I have to have a marina put into me because I have had my period now for 3 weeks nonstop and its been even heavier than ever. I am absolutely terrified though. I don’t know how I am going to cope with the constant feeling of something inside me and I don’t always need something to be inside. I am worried that it’s gonna turn me off permanently to my boyfriend and i am going to lose my arousal which is already quite low. I’m terrified that I’m going to have a lot more PTSD based moments and hurt my boyfriend. I’m worried about having string hang out of me for 5 years. I am just worried and terrified and not coping. Thankfully I will be put under for the test so won’t be awake but I still don’t know how I am going to cope.

A Recovering Survivor


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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