Euthanasia – Devil’s Advocate

I personally believe it should be legal, however as it is day 3 of Judgement week I am going to be playing devil’s advocate and providing the reasons to why it should not be legal. Throughout these comments I have decided to respond in italics and bold text to differentiate my actual opinion with my own devil’s advocacy.

Euthanasia is medically assisted suicide which is legal in SOME countries (I believe). It ultimately comes down to government and corporate administrators deciding who is worth saving, which is seen as unjust law and full of unethical practice (I actually think it’s more unjust and unethical to leave someone in excrutiating pain – we would never expect animals to go through the same thing and we DO put them down if necessary). It is often seen as the same debate as an abortion – other people deciding the fate of people who may not necessarily choose their own. Whilst it can be seen that terminal diagnosis are horrible, there is a quote which says “there is no such thing as a life not worth living” (Someone lying in a hospital bed isn’t living, that is just waiting to die – what is wrong with ultimately helping someone to stop their own suffering. This is only in a medical context and allowing for people to decide for their own what they believe is best for them) Deliberately ending someone else’s life in order to end suffering is most an ethical debate, by having euthanasia illegal we can maintain the individual’s dignity. If we legalize assisted suicide some patients will die instead of ultimately regaining their joy in living.

A Recovering Survivor


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