Judgement Week

Day 1

Three actions that I am not happy with are:

  1. Not drinking enough water
  2. Checking the calorie content of a drink I wanted and putting it back
  3. Not going to school today

I think that for the future I just need to keep focused on my goals and just keep on working at it. I don’t really know what else to do especially as I’m still recovering.

A Recovering Survivor

Day 2

I wasn’t happy with drinking enough water because I had been for the last week and this week I haven’t been doing it. I don’t really have a reason. The calorie thing was an old habit I used to do and I’ve been trying to ignore it. Even though I still know how to count and store that in my head, I have been trying not to. So today I was really disappointed. I wish I had gone to school today, mostly because I’ve been feeling gross today and lazy. But it was for the best.

Now when I asked Dean what he thought of this he said that it was fair of me to have a poor judgement of myself for those things “Because you water to go to school today and you regret not going, you don’t drink enough water and you were upset about looking at the milk thingy”

A Recovering Survivor 


About Recovering Surviver

Hi, I am a Recovering Survivor and I'm not the only one...
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