Relationship “Check In”

Being in a relationship that isn’t completely one sided and doesn’t leave me wanting to die has seriously made me appreciate what couples have for each other. We have always had a strong relationship – we were actually best friends before we got together and we were honestly just so comfortable with each other and trusted one another immediately.

We tell each other everything but as we approach the toughest year as we come to graduating, I figured that we could do Weekly Relationship “Check Ins” in which we just ask each other questions about what the other has done etc. and then we do a biannual one as well as a progress marker. Now I originally saw the idea on Pinterest for a married couple who believe in a God. I am neither married nor religious so I asked if Dean would find it beneficial as a couple and he agreed.

Here are the Questions to ask:

Weekly Check In

  1. What is something specific i did last week that made you feel loved, honored and/or respected? if you didnt feel this way, explain why not.
  2. What does your upcoming week entail? What is something specific I can do this week to help you feel loved, honored and/or respected?
  3. What else would you like to share with me?

Biannual Check In

  1. What progress have we made twoards the goals we set for this year?
  2. What things remain for us to do to achieve them?
  3. Are you satisfied with the way we share responsibilities?
  4. Explain why or why not. Is there anything I do (or fail to do) that seems to indicate a lack of wholehearted commitment to our relationship?
  5. In what characteristic or attribute would you like to see me grow? Explain why.
  6. Are you satisfied with the frequency and quality of our physical intimacy?

The both of us as decided Friday nights are the night to do the weekly check in as we have a rule of which no work is to be done on a Friday so we can both relax a little. We did our first Biannual one tonight as well, just as a marker to see what to improve on, however the second on will be in roughly 6 months (July some time).

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